With Albuquerque AI, you get the advantage of state-of-the-art AI technology simplified for everyday use, boosting efficiency and innovation at a fraction of the cost.

About us

Albuquerque AI is a leading Artificial Intelligence consulting firm based in the United States. With a team of expert professionals, we specialize in providing cutting-edge AI solutions to businesses across various industries.

At Albuquerque AI, we are committed to helping our clients unlock the full potential of AI technology. Our tailored consulting services are designed to help businesses optimize their processes, improve decision-making, and drive innovation. With our expertise in AI algorithms, machine learning, and predictive analytics, we deliver customized solutions that drive tangible results and give our clients a competitive edge in the market.

Own your AI

Early electricity saw private utilities and public control vying for dominance. Innovators like Samuel Insull led efficient private operations, but faced necessary public regulation. While early public control efforts saw little success, post-Depression, public power gained favor, leading to significant federal regulation and initiatives like the TVA. Rural electrification, driven by community co-ops, democratized access, setting a precedent.

In AI, this mirrors the need for a balance between private innovation and public oversight, ensuring AI's benefits reach all sectors of society. Embracing this model, 'Own Your AI' champions community-driven AI development, advocating for an approach where AI, like electricity, becomes a transformative, universally accessible tool.


AI Consulting Services

own your intelligent chatbot

AI Chatbot Development

Own your intelligent chatbots for enhanced customer engagement.

own your national language processing

Natural Language Processing Solutions

Own your advanced NLP algorithms to extract insights and automate text analysis.

Optimize your Workflows

Optimize your Workflows

Own your AI-powered systems. Use them securely without the internet. 

Self-Hosting with the click of a button

(Technical description of customized turnkey solution)

Executable Generation and Distribution:
Albuquerque AI introduces a method to encapsulate LLM (large language model) weights within a self-launching shell script executable. This design streamlines the deployment and execution of LLMs across multiple operating systems (OSes) without the need for traditional installation processes.

Technical Implementation and Portability:
The software achieves significant advancements in both microarchitectural and architectural portability. It utilizes runtime dispatching for optimizing matrix multiplication across various Intel and AMD architectures. For cross-architecture compatibility, it builds for both AMD64 and ARM64, using a shell script with an MZ prefix for Windows adaptability and an APE Loader for Linux environments.

GPU Support and Dynamic Linking:
Given the static linking constraints of Cosmopolitan Libc, Albuquerque AI addresses GPU support through dynamic runtime compilation and linking. It embeds source files for GPU modules, which are then compiled and linked using platform-specific compilers and dlopen() implementations.

Security Measures:
Enhanced security is integrated via pledge() and SECCOMP sandboxing, primarily on Linux and OpenBSD. This implementation significantly constrains the filesystem and network capabilities of both the HTTP server and CLI command, mitigating the risks of data exfiltration and unauthorized file system access.

Source Building and Customization:
Detailed guidelines are provided for building from source using the cosmocc toolchain. Examples of generating libc function code and running the built-in HTTP server with embedded weights underscore the software's versatility in development and deployment contexts.

Zipalign Tool Functionality:
The custom zipalign tool is critical for efficiently concatenating large LLM weights with the executable. It offers significant speed advantages and includes an alignment flag crucial for GPU memory alignment requirements, enabling direct operations on mmap()'d weights.

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